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GLOBEVISION – it is a union of creative people, professionals, the highest level! Professional video filming and photography, script writing and directing.

Development of the site-directory design for Realtors of Cherkasy city and Cherkasy region. By placing ads on the lease, sale, exchange real estate, with a searchable database.


This site has a main section describing the company and its range of services. Providing background information on products, services, contact the company.

Сайт, на якому є можливість розмістити свою візитну картку. Основним завданням було розмістити послуги клієнтів в пошукових системах Інтернету.


Web-Conferencing EXAMPLE

A 3D interior furniture builder for Ukrainian branch of ZEGEN. With stylish interface, the application itself is a powerful platform for creating, saving and calculating measurements for a furniture composition.